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You’ve made the decision to buy a house! How do you go about financing? Buying a home is one of life’s most important and exciting decisions, and it could still be the most challenging most especially if you have no idea on how to handle the mortgage process. Having a clear understanding of how a home loan works and being prepared for the process before approaching the buying will have you save much with the best experience.

To help and educate you on the home loan process, I’ve put together some basic items to help explain the home loan process for your better understanding.

  • Being pre-approved: Contact us today to start your pre-approval process! This will include checking your credit, your financial documents, and making sure you are comfortable with potential monthly payments.
  • Know your credit score: We will check your credit during the pre-approval process, but knowing it ahead of time certainly helps! Being aware of your credit score in advance gives you the chance to make it better if need be. Activities, like paying off debts and scrapping unused credit cards, will help increase your credit score.
  • Monthly mortgage payment: Having constant funds for a monthly mortgage payment is a must. This helps you know what home standard you can comfortably afford. You can base your budget on your usual monthly spending habits.
  • Get used to the world of real estate: Before going in for more details, potential home buyers should consider familiarizing themselves with common loan, terminology, and I would suggest you start by having a clear understanding of some basics.

Contact us today to get started! We would love to walk you through the whole process.

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